Housed in Sardar Patel Centre for Science & Technology, ISTAR is a centre of quality education offering exclusively postgraduation in science and technology. It works in close collaboration with Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre for Applied Research & Testing (SICART) and colleges of Science, Engineering and Pharmacy. It offers the following post-graduate programmes:

A. Jayantibhai C, Patel Postgraduate Centre for Sciences:

1. M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry
2. M.Sc. in Plastic Technology
3. M.Sc. in Oil, Fats & Waxes
4. M.Sc. in Paints & Varnishes
5. M.Sc. in Information Science
6. M.Sc. in Environmental Science & Technology
7. M.Sc. in Instrumentation
8.Master in Computer Applications


B. Ashokbhai Chunibhai Patel Postgraduate Centre for Engineering & Technology:

1. M.E. in Environmental Engineering
2. M.E. in Construction Engineering & Management
3. M.E. in Structural Engineering
4. M.E. in Mechanical Machine Design
5. M.E. in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Power Systems
6. M.E. in Computer Engineering
7. M.E. in Communication
8. M.Tech. in Transportation Systems Engineering


C. Ramanlal Post-graduate Centre for Pharmacy:

1. M. Pharm in Quality Assurance

2. M. Pharm in Pharmaceutics
3. M. Pharm in Clinical Pharmacy
4. M. Pharm in Pharmacognosy


D. Interdisciplinary Courses:

1. Master of Valuation (Real Estate)

2. Master of Valuation (Plant & Machinery)
3. Master of Industrial Hygiene & Safety (MIHS)


Govt. of Gujarat has notified in Gujarat Factory Rules that the students who possess Degree in 'Master of Industrial Hygiene and Safety" could be employed as Safety Officers. The institution has signed MoU with USA's University of Cincinnati for exchange of faculty for MIHS programme and also with Eastern Michigan University, USA, for Paints & Varnishes Programme. It is noteworthy that ISTAR is the only institution in the entire country offering Master's Degree in Valuation (Real Estate) and that for Master of Valuation (Plant & Machinery) it is the first post-graduate programme in the world.

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