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Contribution & Support

Most companies like IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon etc. give their employees to donate funds to the institution of their choice. These companies also put the Matching Contribution equal to the amount donated by the employee.

If you are working in any big company like IBM, Merck, Verizon etc. you can contribute to SPU in two ways:

  1. Matching Donations: Donate generously to SPU and request your employer to match your Donations. Your funds will make our university stronger and it will help our students to get better facilities.
  2. Research Grant from your employers: You can enroll your employer to be the major donor to our university. You can enroll the big companies to sponsor a research project and get important projects done through SPU students.

If you are interested please fill-up the form or send an email to spualumni@yahoo.com

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