Housed in Sardar Patel Centre for Science & Dr.R.Chidambaram Technology SICART(Sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India) is committed to the pursuit of excellence in problem - solving services. It is equipped with facilities for accurate, prompt and cost-effective analysis and testing of material by sophisticated instruments. One can find here numerous state-of-the-art analytical instruments like Transmission electron microscope, Environment scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer, Inductively - coupled plasma spectrometer, Thermal analysis system, Laser particle size analyzer, Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, FTIR spectrometer, US-VIS-NIR spectrometer, CH- N-S-O- analyzer, Micro-hardness tester, Universal testing machine, Gel permiable chromatography, Mercury porosimeter, TOC analyzer, Air quality monitoring instrument, Water analysis system, GC with ECD & NPD Detector, CO2 incubator etc. Researchers, including Ph.D. scholars, scientists, engineers from numerous industries from all over the country, R & D centres and universities are clients of SICART which fulfils their need for testing, analysis and measurement of samples, solution of specific R & D problems, short - term courses, consultancy and training. It merits special mention that SICART is affiliated to Sardar Patel University, that many industries and R & D organizations are institutional members and research partners of SICART and that, among other things, it has been recognised as External Environmental Auditor (Schedule 1) by Gujarat's Pollution Control Board. Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, has been happy in recognising it as Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO). SICART has signed Memorandum of Understanding with (1) Institut fur Chemo and Biosensorik Munster, Germany (2) Yasuda- Tanabe Laboratory and (3) Institut de Chimie des Surfaces et Interfaces, France, for research in the areas of development of gas sensors and biosensors and its applications, mechanical and structural properties of various types of materials and properties of porous materials.

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