Earlier named as Kala Kendra College of Music & Dance the college was started in 1969. It is one of the two institutions in the State of Gujarat imparting university-level education.

It runs the following courses of study:
1. Two - year Diploma in Music
2. Two - year Diploma in Dance
3. Three - year Degree Course in Music & Dance leading to B. Music /B.Dance of Sardar Patel University.

Eligibility for admission to Diploma Courses is Secondary School Certificate or equivalent and same for Degree Courses is Higher Secondary Examination with Music/Dance or two - year Diploma in Music/Dance or equivalent.

Students already studying in any discipline in Sardar Patel University's postgraduate department and college are also eligible for registration in Diploma Courses. Students studying in any college or postgraduate department of Sardar Patel University can be admitted to the Degree Course in exceptional cases. Subjects of study in Diploma Courses consist of:

1. Vocal Music - Classical as well as modern
2. Instrumental Music - Classical as well as modern in Sitar, Violin, Guitar, Harmonium and Tabla
3.Dance - Classical like Bharatnatyam and Kathak and modern.

Courses of study for B. Music and B. Dance are the following:
1. Vocal (Classical) music
2. Instrumental - Sitar, Violin, Guitar, KeyBoards, Tabla
3. Bharatnatyam and Kathak.

It is also notable that teachers and students of the college are often invited by All India Radio, Televison and different cultural groups to perform. Steps are afoot to start post-graduation from the next academic year.


4191 Route 1 South,

Suite 300 Monmouth Junction,

NJ 08852

(732) 329-4555
(732) 329-1041

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