H.M. Patel Career Development Centre (CDC)

H.M.Patel -(CDC)

Late Dr. H. M. Patel, whose name adorns the Centre, strongly felt that special efforts were needed to provide young scholars with co-curricular skills and abilities. H.M. Patel Career Development Centre (CDC)s mission is to develop potential of students and faculties with a view to developing their career.

The Centre started with training programmes for aspirants of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations. Soon, the Gujarat State Public Service Commission (GPSC) examinations too were addressed.

For global effectiveness, English enrichment programmes and other classes are also held. Moreover, value addition to the hard skills acquired by the students the Centre under the aegis of Charutar Vidya Mandal, has undertaken an ambitious programme of Personality Development for over fifteen thousand students of colleges. The programme consists of imparting training in management and behavioral skills resting on strong foundation of communication skills. It is aimed at bringing out true potential of the student in his/her chosen sphere of work. Such a student will be more suited to get employment and having acquired it make a success of the job.

CDC has adopted a triple pronged thrust in support of its activities: Communication, Computer and Confidence.

CDC has three class-rooms, a seminar hall, aesthetically designed conference room and a well-equipped computer room with a LAN hooked up to campus wide intranet that enjoys 24x7 connectivity to the Net.

Its Library and Reading Room have over 3000 books. Over 60 magazine issues every months and 6 newspapers a day, support its activities. It offers a separate Library Membership too.

Overall, CDC has well-maintained, hygienic interiors as well as exteriors. The Centre enjoys the advantage of having enthusiastic, seasoned and committed personnel from different fields and is a resourceful institution on the campus.


4191 Route 1 South,

Suite 300 Monmouth Junction,

NJ 08852

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